Investment Management

It is no secret that there are many investment choices for consumers in today’s world. There also is no shortage of stock tips or do-it-yourself advice from the talking heads in the media. Though some would have you believe that managing your investments is a simple task, we know that the world of investing can be overwhelming.

The array of choices available in the financial world is vast, complex and ever-changing. 

In  order to help you navigate the complicated world of investing, we have the necessary tools to enable us to serve as your financial guide, including:

  • Knowledge of current market conditions
  • Awareness of economic trends and tax implications
  • Access to leading research 
  • Rigorous fund and managerial analysis

That, coupled with our independent status and highly personalized service, enables us to help you develop an investment program that is current and encompasses all aspects of your financial life to reflect your objectives, time horizon and values.

We adhere to a disciplined process that includes:

  • Evaluating your investment objectives, priorities and risk tolerance
  • Determining appropriate asset allocation models and diversification
  • Screening and selecting appropriate money managers, mutual funds and other investment vehicles
  • Implementing your portfolio
  • Monitoring your portfolio, the markets and allaying concerns associated with economic trends
  • Reviewing with you periodically to ensure that your portfolio is aligned with your goals and circumstances

Many people do not realize the breadth and intricacy involved in the investment management process. Our approach to investing is designed to help you to manage risktake advantage of opportunities, and account for the unexpected along the way.